When I was browsing last night, I found an interesting website called purplegoods.com. Purplegoods is a website that contains interesting information about web connected devices. Here you will be able to read information about connecting our website with devices provided by purplegoods. The web connected devices are called Phone-007. Phone -007 is a special telephone with built-in recording function and allows users to record conversation and ambient sound in Phone-007 system. By using this device, you can work anytime you want and you will feel that the world is like a phone. Phone-007 is also able to record any kinds of ambient sound, such as; funny sound and others.

How does it work, actually? Well, the recording starts when ambient sound volume above the threshold level is set by the user. The ambient sound can be recorded whether the phone is on or off. To make you easier in using Phone-007, Purplegoods gives full supports. To get the supports, you need to log in first by entering your ID and pin code. my.PurpleGoods.com web portal is a web portal that offers an easy-to-use interface to manage all of Phone-007 services from web browser. Besides the service above, you can also contact local Phone-007 access number from any phone to manage different kinds of user options through touch tone keypad. So, anytime you need Phone-007, don’t hesitate to visit purplegoods.com.


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